Lexicus Verificon

Herein are catalogued the true meaning of a wide variety of words, ostensibly spread across the internet in an effort to combat tins of spiced pork. {verification words I've been asked for while posting on osr blogs}

predysu: The unarmed fighting style of the Vashanti elves, focusing on nerve manipulation.
artal: A type of sprite that lives inside paintings.
ovatersh: An egg-devouring plant which disguises itself as a nest.
pesseso: Thick sauce made from nixie fins.
jaquacc: A small marsh faerie.
emilgie: Ilnean sweet porridge.
ricts: The small, grainy excretions which characterise a victim of bog pox.
micenday: A spice used in meat pies, which can also mask the acrid scent of zimmon leaf poison.
slistotl: The sub-ethereal energy level utilised by many Whisper-Over-Distance spells.
imiddian: One of the slightly built, but very formidable barbarians of the Ko-ang plateau.
nongeo: The highly spiritual magic system of the Ikelian Archipelago.
wribrame: A type of tall, thin mushroom, widely used for its properties of suggestion when brewed.
glyti: The quiet, squeaking language of the Myrdanian fungus men.
ronsomod: One of the black, steam-powered horses of Flinders The Cold.
molvqess: The wife of the Molvquaar of Iln.
betergi: The small and vicious dog-headed men who terrorize the countryside around Ramir-al-Kataan.