28 April, 2010

When does the government get really tough and crack down?

When it's about rich peoples' investments going badly. Interesting.

25 April, 2010

Common Tater

The basic idea here, when I began posting my writing, was that people would ask questions and make suggestions about each of the posts. The entire book would take shape here on the blog, with each post comprising the next few pages of the book. Commentors would have a palpable effect on the growing story.

At the time I thought, and even now I still think, this is an exciting and revolutionary idea. Instead of asking questions of the author after a book is done, you can ask him right then, BANG, right in the midst of writing it. Don't like how something played out in a book? What if you could actually have an opportunity to change it before it was done? Maybe the way something was described was confusing, or jarring, or just seemed dumb. With this, you can tell the author how you feel before it's finished. Maybe there's a reason for it to be that way, or maybe you're right and he'll change it. Right there before your eyes! Cool, right? Exciting? Well, hopefully. At any rate, that's the idea here.

Read what I write, and before you convince yourself not to say anything, just hit that comment link and let me have it. At home just now, I did an impression of Richard Nixon saying "sock it to ME?" on Laugh-in, which should tell you roughly how old I feel.

By the way.. apparently commentors isn't a word, at least according to 10 exhaustive seconds of research. It should be, so I'm determined to use it anyway. Commentator just doesn't mean what I need it to, so sorry 'commentator,' no offense, I'm sure you're a perfectly nice word, but I'm not using you today.

24 April, 2010

A Fresh Look

After taking too much time to think about things, which is my wont, I think perhaps my previous post was a bit hasty. I will attempt to go back in time to continue making posts last November, and far more frequently. Failing that, I will continue making posts from now on, and far more frequently.