05 January, 2012

Planet Caravan

This week Migellito's caravan was transporting Blixa & Abe the Talking Dog, Leo the enormous holy knight with the strength of ten men, Darf the Dwarf, Taurus Clown-at-Arms, Farley the Dwarf, and Stanley Serpenthelm. As so often happens on this trip, their path through the Black Forest found them in the eaves of a far different wood. Answering the temptation of the nearby ruins of Castle Nicodemus, they set out on their own and decided to explore the old main hall.

The Gypsy Woman
They literally danced past the guardian door, and then finally got a chance to employ the Standard Anti-Voltron Maneuver. Taxidermy heads proved small obstacle to their determination, and they were rewarded with an 800 pound marble. Which no-one in the caravan wanted to buy. Hopefully, they have more luck selling it back in The Fields We Know.

Fortunately, however, the large deck of thick bone plaques was quite hurriedly and eagerly snapped up by the gypsy woman who tends to travel with the caravan. She is very grateful for adventurers.
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