18 November, 2010

Tekumel 2

There is a near exit in the chamber where you stand, and a far exit. The far exit is beyond the long line of disturbingly occupied tables, all with darkly complex devices of metal and crystal above them, lurking in the shadows of the ceiling like great spiders. Through the door-less and dark archway beyond comes a hot breeze.

The near exit is another door-less archway, ornately carved and pointed. Beyond you can see only a small corner of another room, even more dimly lit than this one. The corner of this other room holds what seems to be rubbish. Long narrow pieces of wood, bits of stone and pieces of cloth. A strange buzzing noise comes from some unseen place beyond this corner.

What do you do?


LoneIslander said...

I go to the nearer exit to check out that noise.

Anonymous said...

Johannes: "I would feel better with some sort of weapon in hand. Who knows what kind of hellspawn demon is making that buzzing sound? Perhaps before further investigating the surroundings I (we?) could make some sort of spear or club by securely lashing a piece of stone to the wooden stick with strips of cloth..."

OOC: Are the individual personalities aware of the others at all?

migellito said...

"Are the individual personalities aware of the others at all?"

Yes, but so far only vaguely. Communication is more empathic at this point, but you definitely feel 'someone in there' is curious about the noise.

Roger the GS said...

Hey, bodies on tables! Maybe I can wake up some body buddies! Let's mess around with the machinery some!

NetherWerks said...

Shen like the warm air. No like the buzzing. Bad memories of time in Merchant Marine. Ugly bugs make stupid buzzing noise.

Shen look around. What is close-by in terms of weapons, food or loot?

Need to go check out one more pedastel, close to shen, that has other body on it. Pull off the draping-thing. Maybe wake them up. Even if tehy not shen, two fighters better than one, usually. Maybe they sorcerer and can send shen home. Hah! Not likely. But shen try.

Bits of wood might make a club, if it not all wormy and worthless. Better get club made first, then try wake next body...