20 January, 2011

Vault of Awesome

I rarely do shout-outs, but I'm doing one today. If you don't read Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets every day, you should. I've read it every day for many months now, and I'm continually gobsmacked by the yawning-gulf-full of creativity and originality on display. You get:
A cool new arcane spell
A cool new divine spell
An awesome new magic item
A cool story vignette

And when I say 'cool' and 'awesome' I'm not kidding. Every one of them makes me say "ohhh, sweet!" Chicagowiz even made a google-tool index for the spells and items. You could use AVnES to totally replace the lists in whatever book you're using. Best of luck to bat on the full game and graphic novel based on the blog - very much looking forward to them!


Sean Robson said...

Thanks, Michael, I'd not heard of this blog before. It's always nice to get pointed towards new blogs of interest.

Anonymous said...

Hey thank you very much for this shout-out, i really appreciate it. Very glad I bought butter today because I will have a tough time going outside now with such a swollen noggin.

Driven by madness, I will keep on as long as I can (and considering some of the things life has thrown at me over the past nearly two years now, it is more of an effort some days than others). I appreciate each and every comment and all of the visits, and if I can offer something that will help someone out in their games I have done my job. :)