15 April, 2012

3 Spells for OD&D

Rodney Matthews is freexin awesome
Escher's Thaumaturgic Disjunction
Level 2
This spell will catastrophically disrupt another spell being cast, as long as the target spell is of 1st or 2nd level. The caster of the target spell must make a successful save vs. spells or suffer one of two possible consequences, as decided by the Dungeon Master. The caster either takes 2d6 damage, or must roll on the Dungeon Master’s choice of Magical Mishap Tables. Range: 4”

Fire Slugs
Level 1
This spell is similar in every way to Magic Missile, except that it specifically causes fire damage. Instead of bolts of magical energy, it shoots forth small, slimy, lava-like fire slugs. They dissipate into vapour as soon as they hit, completely preventing them from being able to set anything on fire. The only exception is if the target has been doused or covered in some flammable substance, such as lamp oil. 

Copperfield's Phantasmal Remuneration
Level 2
This spell creates up to 10 gold pieces worth of local currency for every level of the caster. It can take any accepted form, but no more than 1 lb. per caster level can be created. The illusory currency lasts for 1 turn per caster level, then turns into a worthless base material chosen by the Dungeon Master. Gold coins become lead discs; small gems become pebbles; paper currency becomes strips of town-criers parchments; etc.

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