30 April, 2012

Super Secret Event Table

After much contemplation, I share my Event Table for the 1 hour walk between Castle Nicodemus and the visiting Caravan from The Fields We Know. Compared to most of my event tables, it has a high percentage of actual encounters. This is mostly due to the fact that I only end up rolling on it twice a session, due to the nature of the G+ Hangout game.
I think it's ok to go ahead and share this now, since there are more people with characters actually originating in the world where Nicodemus sits.

Using the two different dice types puts a big flat spot of equal probability in the middle of it, from 9 to 13. When you do that, the flat spot will be one more than the difference between the two dice.

Environs 1d8+1d12
2 Dead body; roll again to see what died
3 Gnomes 1d12
4 Heavy winds for 2d8 turns; 2d6 for clock direction, 1 = due east
5 Snakes
6 Corkens 1d8; If night, Hellhounds
7 Thunderstorm for 1d8+1 turns
8 Sheep! 4d10
9 Orc Patrol 1d10+1d12; no. times 10% = chance of leader
10 Human Bandits 2d6; no. times 10% = chance of leader
11 Bridgewater Townies 1d4 or Strange Noises
12 Rainstorm for 1d12+1 turns
13 Goblin Bandits 3d6; no. times 10% = chance of leader
14 Giant Beetles or Giant Spiders or Giant Wasps; If night, Ghouls
15 Wolves or Deer
16 Anhkhegs or Giant Rodents
17 Owl Bears 1d6-2; <=1 is 1
18 Spider Bears 1d6-3; <=1 is 1
19 Bulette
20 Roll on the super secret special table

The Super Secret Special Table
1 Wyvern
2 Manticore
3 Wizard
4 Elves
5 Giant Toad
6 Trolls
7 Priest
8 Ominous Raven
9 Gargoyles
10 Hill Giant
11 Giant Slug
12 Werewolves
13 Ogres
14 Purple Worm
15 Sink Hole, 20% chance it opens as you walk over it
16 Sandestin
17 Wights

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