24 February, 2012

Greyhawk Things

Some isolated little bits about my currently running version of Greyhawk.

  • OD&D with all supplements up through Eldritch Wizardry. Chainmail man-to-man combat with d20.
  • Uses the gazetteer from '80, boxed set from '81, Greyhawk Adventures book from '88, City of Greyhawk book from '89, Yggsburgh book from '05.
  • Set in the year 610, some 30 years after the heyday of such figures as Robilar, Tenser and Mordenkainen back in the early 570's.
  • None of that Greyhawk Wars stuff or the Rary traitor incidents ever happened.
  • There is a Zork sub-level in Castle Greyhawk.
  • No one has done any delving in the dungeons under Castle Greyhawk in over 20 years. It was considered mostly played-out.
  • A small adventuring group led by someone named Ironwolf recently plumbed parts of the dungeon, and rumours of returned wealth have re-surfaced.
  • A priest of Khorne has been seen about the city.
  • The city is now often referred to as Yggsburgh, after being styled thus by a number of foreigners. Old-timers still call it Greyhawk.
  • The Striped Mage is now occasionally seen in the company of a barbarian man, a heavily armoured woman, and a bow-slinging elf. They sometimes handle situations in the city which prove too much for the guardsmen.
  • The dungeon under Castle Greyhawk is based on 'The Mad Demigod's Castle.' C&C's Dark Château is nearby. For both the surroundings and the dungeon, I've made extensive use of online copies of notes taken by Gary and his old players. Thanks Grodog and Joe Bloch.
  • The Old Kingdom to the East is a mixture of Melnibonean Immryr and The Wizard of Id. Sort of.
  • Blackmoor in the North is the one from First Fantasy Campaign. The City of the Gods is all HR Giger.
  • Any techno elements hidden away around the map are definitely in the Giger mould, not Star Trekky.
  • If you scrape away the right façade, you will find a nice big dose of Yog-Sothothery.

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