21 February, 2012

Nasty Powers for Demons

Yay, a table! These are random powers for the Demon Class in Grot. The entries are a bit more general than they might be, because I want to leave plenty of room for the player to figure out exactly how the power manifests. For example, if the table says you can fly, you might decide you have bat wings, or raven wings, or personal telekinesis, or inflating gasbags. View the hidden? Maybe an eye opens on your palm or on your forehead.

Unless otherwise noted, powers last for 1 round per level (unless it's instant) and can be used once per day for each time the player rolls that power. Many of the powers might be similar to spells in the system of choice, in which case they basically work the same way. Unless otherwise noted, victims generally get a save vs. spells to halve or avoid the effects.

If it's a movement power of some kind (or something like invisibility,) how much can you carry with you? Easy! Take your Wisdom score and plug it into the Strength table of your rules set, then use the resulting encumbrance or load amount.

What if you roll a damaging power a 2nd time? Do you get it once more per day? Does it do another d6 of damage, but still just once a day? You pick. Each time you roll it, either increase usage or damage.

  1. You can fly at twice normal movement. See above.
  2. Darkness, 15 foot radius.
  3. Damaging touch, 1d6 damage to anything touched or held. Do they burn? Do they melt? Rot? Something else?
  4. Mind-read. They only get a save if they have mind powers.
  5. Spit, project, or breath damaging substance up to 20 feet. 1d6 damage. Or maybe it's a tentacle that shoots out of your nose. It's up to you.
  6. Enlarge
  7. Shrink
  8. Command
  9. Charm Person. Do you say a word, do they wear your mark, does something get implanted?
  10. Turn invisible
  11. Become ethereal
  12. Teleport up to a distance of 50 feet per level.
  13. Sense magic. This includes spellcasters.
  14. Summon a weird random creature, 1hd per level.
  15. Heat metal. This version is simpler. It lasts one round per level, and each round it does 1d6 damage. It lights flammable touching objects aflame pretty much right off. Make it a cold version if you like.
  16. Brain blast! 1d6 damage per level. Only those with mental powers get a save.
  17. Improve Armour Class by 1 point per level, for one round per level.
  18. Telekinesis, 10 pounds per level. The objects have a movement rate of a typical person. Range is 20 feet per level.
  19. View the Hidden. Sees invisible, concealed, traps, etc. Doesn't see ethereal, etc.
  20. Minor Curse. -1 to all their rolls.
  21. Cause Fear in one individual.
  22. Change shape. Stay the same size.
  23. Immune to fire
  24. Immune to cold
  25. Immune to acid
  26. Immune to electricity
  27. Resist magic, 5% per level
  28. Send thoughts
  29. Make an illusion. Up to a 10 foot cube per level.
  30. Cause disease. The sickness, though not deadly, is debilitating, runs a course of 1 week, and is contagious.
  31. Heal yourself for 1d6 points.
  32. Increase any ability score by 1.
  33. Forgetting touch causing cinematic amnesia.
  34. Voice swap
  35. Animate one corpse
  36. Curse object. Armour is 1 point worse, weapons are -1 to hit and damage, things break more easily.
  37. Grow 1 extra limb. Is it a tentacle?
  38. Stoner touch. Victim turned to stone for 1 round per level.
  39. Paralysis touch. Victim goes limp and falls to the ground. Can't move for 1 round per level.
  40. Cause insanity in one creature. Anger? Sadness? Confusion? Paranoia? It's up to the DM.
  41. Mutation touch! Roll on a mutation table!
  42. Animate object. Includes plants. Thing can be up to 5 pounds per level.
  43. Wasting touch. Reduces any one ability score by 2.
  44. Nasty Wildlife. Something (including plants) within 30 feet gets nasty and attacks. Up to 2hd worth of creatures per level. They will grow claws, or fangs, or something nasty, but can't grow legs or wings if they don't have them. Tiny things will attack in 2hd bunches.
  45. Blindness. One person looking at you is blinded.
  46. Steal any one body part. It appears somewhere on you. No inherent damage. Hand? Eye? Tongue? If you hurt it while it's on you, you get hurt too!
  47. Ungodly odour. Everyone within 5 feet saves or pukes.
  48. Alacrity. Movement and number of actions doubled. Effective Dexterity increased by 1. Triple if rolled again. Quadrupled if rolled a 4th time, etc.
  49. Burst into flames. Anyone in physical contact takes 1d6 damage per level each round they're in contact. It also lights your own stuff on fire.
  50. Imbue with magic. Any one item gains minor eldritch qualities.
  51. Gate closing. Keeps a door shut for 1 round per level. 5% chance per level of closing any interdimensional portal.
  52. Temporal touch. Victim touched is sent forward in time 1 minute per level.
  53. Gravitic anomaly. Victim's mass is partially shunted to another dimension, or added to from another dimension. Weight is increased or reduced by 10% per level, though size remains constant.
  54. Theft. Any one item, weighing no more than 1 pound per level, is transferred to your possession. After one round per level it (or its pieces) goes back.
  55. Futility. One individual within 30 feet is made unable to affect the world around them. Do they turn into a shadow? Become ghostly? Incorporeal and wispy? Turn into a cloud of gnats? Up to you. They can't move about either, and no one can have any effect on them.
  56. Soulcrusher. You possess an item dedicated to holding imprisoned souls. The victim loses 1 point of Charisma per level, with concomitant loss of ability to maintain control of hirelings and henchmen, and also are unaffected by beneficial clerical or druidic magic. If you destroy the item while it holds a captured soul, the victim takes 1d6 per level in damage, but you must then replace the item at a minimum cost of 100gp.
  57. Soul gem. You can store your soul or the soul of a willing individual for 1 hour per level. The individual becomes immune to sleep, charm and mind-reading. However, they lose 2 points of Charisma and are unaffected by beneficial clerical or druidic magic.
I'll add a few more. If you need more ideas, here is an awesome post by Zak with different goals but similar spirit. And here is a neat generator on Abulafia to help if you get stuck with how you look.


jason kielbasa said...

I like nonchalant here is what I do but it might change. then again i am awful at math and think DM being capricious jerks is the MO for everything...

Barry Blatt said...

My favourite list of this sort of thing is MAR Barkers consolidated list of powers from The Book of Ebon Bindings, which runs from


Available free here:


Michael Moscrip said...

Wow, I had no idea there were parts of Ebon Bindings avail. for free. Thanks Barry!

Also, I didn't make it obvious here, but this is related to the previous post about classes for Grot. Thus, these are for player character demons.

Michael Moscrip said...

I added some more.

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