29 October, 2010

Horror Movies

I don't remember when it happened, but Halloween is my favourite holiday. Through a long series of internal segues, I went from this thought, to wanting to share the various things I'd taken from horror movies to put in my game worlds. Just movies. The inclusion of books and other sources would produce far too much material.
  • The flying silver blade ball from Phantasm
  • The puzzle box from Hellraiser
  • Abbie Normal from Young Frankenstein
  • The vampire's assistant from Salem's Lot. To this day, I'm awestruck they got James Mason to do that.
  • The death-jawas from Phantasm
  • The hide-my-eyes-icky chain hooks from Hellraiser
  • The re-inspired turning attempt from Fright Night
  • Many lines, especially "That's to be expected" from The Unnameable
  • The hand-in-the-eye from The Gate
  • The killer severed hand from Evil Dead 2 (moreso this version than the Addams Family)
  • More than one undead has been heard to wax poetic with "I'll swallow your soul!!"
  • Succubi, demon-summoning, and tons of atmosphere from Spectre
  • The Thing from .. The Thing. This version specifically, due to the head-spider.
Ah, such sweet memories.
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