08 October, 2010

My Hard Drive's Encumbrance

I've been fiddling around tons of art sites today. That's where I generally end up for inspiration for my game worlds, moreso than literature.

It looks like my upcoming Eberron play-by-post game is going to be a mixture of the following:
Warhammer FRP
Studio Ghibli (brobdingnagian airships, constructed servitors, the darker elements of Nausicaa, Castle in the Sky, and Howl)
Lovecraftian pseudomythology, and Dreamlands
Andy Brase
Chuck Lukacs
Vinod Rams
Andy Simmons
Philip Straub
Rico Holmes
American McGee's Alice
Brazil and other Gilliam works

In general, dark fantasy, both in tone and visualisation.

Airships in general are uncommon. The more sea-going ship and boat-like airships are a common example of this sort of vehicle, but definitely not the preferred type. They were the earliest sort, many of which were converted to air travel from actual maritime vessels. Much more preferred are the larger, sturdier, and fully enclosed sort typified by the works of Miyazaki, though lacking wings. This type are far louder in operation, however, due to the greater power and number of the constrained elementals, the abyssal moans and screams of whom can prove highly disquieting.


Cole said...

My only caveat would be not to make things like Airships too rare - one of the few real game-changers for Eberron as compared to, say, Greyhawk, is that there is large scale commercial air and land transit. Well, if you really want to make the change, you can, but it's a big change to how the setting works on a macro scale.

migellito said...

I would definitely agree with that Cole, and it's something I'll be careful to balance - excellent point!