05 May, 2013

Here are a few drawings I did back in the early 90s. The intent back then was to use them as visual aids during DnD games, and a couple of them actually fulfilled that purpose.
I can't remember who or what this was supposed to be, and my players never met it in the game. I don't think it was supposed to be undead, but rather some kind of semi-divinity or Elder God Avatar.

Yep, Eddie from Piece of Mind. I was re-purposing him as some sort of wight, if I remember correctly. I only had the cassette tape at the time, so I was looking at a pretty small source.

This was supposed to be an avatar of Bast for a Marvel Superheroes game. She helped the party defeat an avatar of Azathoth in the undersea city of the Eldar who sank the Titanic. heh

An adventurer transplanted to a desert. Despite my best efforts to the contrary, it somehow ended up looking a little Jim Holloway.