28 September, 2010

You Find a Magic Compass!

Blog ideas I'm currently juggling:

  1. Keep track of the security words I enter when posting to blogs. Invent a campaign element based on each.
  2. Highlights of my long-running milieu-prime campaign.
  3. Random lists in the spirit of the tables in the back of the 1e DMG.
  4. Installments of musings over the things that evoke DnD for me, such as the film Spectre.
  5. Quirky setting ideas which could serve as experiments, but that I would actually love to do, like OD&D Eberron.
  6. House rule ideas for various games, mostly DnD.
  7. New takes on old settings, or "you got your Cthulhu in my Greyhawk!"

Sound stupid? Sound interesting? Help me juggle if you want :)

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