03 December, 2010

Tekumel 4

You quickly reach out and snatch away the cloth, ready for anything.
I usually won't label rolls, but I think it's interesting to do so this time :)
male/female 45
familiarity 27
helpful/hostile 79
You reveal a man whom part of you dimly recognises. This man was you, one of you still submerged below the surface of consciousness. He is pale, but the backs of his arms and legs are dark with pooled blood. His angry eyes are entirely white.

He (it?) takes a quick step toward you, lashing out with fists!
You strike him with your metal staff before he can get inside your defenses. The sensation as your attacks slam into yielding flesh and bone is disturbing, but reassuring at the same time. He's staggered momentarily, but presses on.
His punches barely connect, and you're able to put some distance between the two of you again.

Will you destroy him if you can?


Anonymous said...

"We will fight to the death if we must, but if we render this fellow unconscious perhaps his madness will have passed when he wakes again. Hopefully then we can question him and maybe gain some clues about where we are and how we arrived."

If we succeed in knocking him out, we can bind him as securely as possible with cloth strips. No more fiddling with strange machinery...

migellito said...

[1d100] = 17
You fend off his continued attempts to batter you with his fists. You find yourself wielding your weapon with the knowledge of a half-dozen fighting styles, perhaps more.

Quick back-and-forth jabs with either end mix into sweeping club-like strikes, and almost before you realise it he lies on the floor before you.

As you begin binding him, it becomes very clear to you that he has been dead for at least two or three days.

NetherWerks said...

Kill this thing. It no friend to shen. Bad monkey. Break his head with metal rod. Break it thoroughly and very professionally. Just like they taught us as hatchlings back in Shenyu.

migellito said...

"bad monkey" = much awesomeness :)