18 February, 2011

Tekumel 8

Yikes, 8 days?! My apologies! Been focusing on my PbP games and offline complications.

You pull the nest-like mass out of its chlen-hide box. As you do so, some of the slick, brightly colored strings and ropes fall away from the nest. Placing it on your head, you could use two or more of the dangling pieces to tie it on under your chin. It doesn't seem to be intended for this purpose, but you could probably get it stay in place without too much effort.

Scooping a bit of the musty dirt into the viscous green fluid, it sits on top for a moment, then slowly settles downward. After reaching the center of the box, the dirt begins (with about the speed of a crawling beetle) to disperse evenly throughout the entire volume of fluid. It does not dissolve, but is suspended.

You pick one of the raisin-hearts and deftly toss it at the scintillating cabochon. It vanishes just at touches the surface.

Our energetic shen capitalises on momentum, and pitches the now-empty nest box and the dirt box at the gem as well. They vanish without incident. He is about to follow through with the green fluid, when a chlen-hide box top suddenly appears, charred and blackened, in front of the cabochon, and falls to the table, smoking.

While most of you ponder this odd development, the shen heads over to the pile of refuse in search of fabric. It doesn't take long to find a couple of old leather straps and some cloth which can be fashioned into a harness capable of carrying one of the boxes. Taking the materials over to the table in front of the cabochon, you begin fashioning a sort of pack. The work is unusually easy as you find yourself drawing upon the inspiration of dozens of different crafting traditions.

As you work, a small charcoal-like object appears in front of the gem and falls to the table, odorous black smoke rising from it. It was once the raisin-heart. Soon after, a box appears from thin air, looking melted and warped, and falls onto the table heavily. It is full of hot, smoking dirt. As you move this box closer to see the contents, another appears, even more melted and blackened, and falls lightly to the table. In the bottom of this box some of the few remaining nest-bits have been melted flush into the material of the box.


C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Okay... Not touching that then. I go back and inspect the glassware and clockwork. I also get another "corpse" to test anything that I find out about them, or even to get a friendly one! I take the precaution of tying it up first though. In addition, I open all of the boxes. If I don't find anything interesting about the lab equipment or containers, I proceed through the door you mentioned previously, taking the pseudo-body with me.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Err... When's the next one?

migellito said...

My next update, hopefully tomorrow! RL is quite the smash-up at the moment.

NetherWerks said...

Shen no like barbequed raisin-hearts. Yick.

Now have pack to carry. Weapon to hit with. The big cabochon-thing looks like a one-way trip to burning death, so not go that way. Does this thing have controls or levers or buttons that can be rearranged, maybe give it a new setting? There still plenty other stuff to throw into it to test things out.

This nest-hat; does it make my tail look fat, or does it do anything special when worn, other than encumber the head?

Maybe good idea to wake up another body. At least it'd be something to smack around if no good lootings are to be had.

Any gems that can be pried loose?