12 April, 2011

Tekumel 11

After you untie him, Chk-chk, the undead tinaliya, slowly sloshes up into a sitting position. He rises in a disturbingly mechanical way, a single slow motion, as though his muscles are merely tools and don't have the normal sensations of a living thing. He twists his head back to you in the same unnerving manner. "This is a labor.. labor.. laboratory of the Old Ones. Food may be anywhere, depending on what you are willing to eat. I do not think I need to eat anymore."

The small creaking creature slides down onto the floor, and walks over to the bejeweled metal table next to the first platform. "I do not understand this." He begins walking toward the archway into the room filled with unusual items and equipment, saying "what is in here?"


NetherWerks said...

Hookay. Shen follow the tinaliya. He no need to eat--that definitely not so good a sign. Undead have problems staying together, tend to rot fast in the hotter places. Shen no use undead. Make lousy slaves, no good to eat. Just bad business all around.

Laboratory. Nice word. A place where monkeys do sorcery-type jiggery-pokery. Hah. Good. We look for magic-type lootings. Maybe tinaliya know about mechanism-things. We tell him what we know, what we've learned, what we've seen so far. Maybe his curdled brains will still work and he can help us sort things out more.

We missing piece of puzzle. Solve that and we can go on to something more fun, more loot-able, maybe more edible too...

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Shen: 17

Kindosi: 83 (30)*

Human: 9 (32)*

*Because these two were so close, I rolled again to see which actually won.

Kindidk responds, "We do not know, exactly. Ourselves were planning to test it on you, if you turned out like the last. However. we have now changed our plans. Do you know what this place was for, originally? (In Kindosin, which is what he speaks, this is "Kliik uxiat. Lormegkrgal. Liipto'kiisani. Kaedraka'Nokto?", just in case that "universal translator" doesn't work both ways.)