20 April, 2012

A report to the Van Toads

To Lord Van Toad, Toad Hall, Hopland

I have arrived in the Dark Country, and have made contact with Rupert. We are forced to remain outside the small, brutish village known as Nightwick, but Rupert has been good enough to allow me a room in his own modest abode.

I believe clues to the nature of this White Lady can be found within the nearby ruined abbey, a former bolt-hole of the infamous Sword Brothers. Explorations there are proceeding, though it is slow going as I must rely on the assistance of whatever ruffians are currently about, and motivated by base greed to delve within the edifice.

A short aside: gnomish soldiery will not do. They talk a good game, but crumble under adversity.

The mausoleum entrance at the cliffs on the far side of the abbey may prove fruitful, but seems to be heavily defended by horrid Elk-men. I can only assume they are the result of the repulsive Elk cult, which is worshipped nigh-openly within the village. The large nave of the abbey is occupied with bloodthirsty goblins, and unsuccessful attempts at entry have discouraged the local toughs. This leaves the two standing towers. I have gone beneath the Northernmost of the two more than once now. Each time we have met with horrid monstrosities, but they have not been insurmountable. In addition, sufficient treasure was found to encourage Men to continue delving therein, I believe.

At the bottom of the North tower stairs, going west will lead past a small chapel and two alcoves along a corridor. These alcoves are dedicated to some saint of the Men, but now are debased by Chaos. Past these is a room still containing the vile moving skins of deadmen. They are definitely dangerous.

South of these tower stairs is a room with a small pool, which thankfully contained enough coinage to whet the greed of my companions. Beyond this there is apparently a lair of tiny rat men. East from this point, we heard a diabolical ceremony underway. I believe this is the direction in which my first answers about the Lady may lie.

I will report further at a time such that I am able to.
Yours in service, Frederick Bull, esq.

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