14 July, 2021

Oakfell Vale Out Now

My long-awaited adventure for old-school D&D and NGR is available now at DriveThru RPG. Here is the link!
Available Here
 Oakfell Vale is a secluded, heavily forested little valley watched over by a temple of druids. Except they don't really watch over it anymore. They have become complacent over the years, and loathe to interfere in the natural life of the vale. Unfortunately, there has been something growing in the vale, a terrible corruption, which is anything but natural. It is up to the players, if they choose to do so, to fire up the druids and do something to stem the tide of corruption before it's too late.

Many thanks to Zzarchov Kowalski for publishing this, and to Chris Huth and Kelvin Green for the art. Also, a big thank you to Dyson Logos for the great work he did with my maps!

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