20 December, 2023

My Druid Adventure On Sale

Oakfell Vale, my adventure about mysterious druids in a secluded valley, is on sale now for 20% off - only $7.99. It is 64 pages, and is intended for use with any old-school D&D-like rpg. It includes complete information about NPCs, monsters, and locations, so that it can be run to its fullest.

It was inspired by the stories and reports I saw on 1970s television about practicing 'druids' in various places in the UK, including their annual rites at Stonehenge. The decade of the 70s was fascinated with the unusual and the occult, and these modern day 'druids' were of particular interest. I remember film and pictures of them chanting in processions in the night, conducting their 'secret rites' by torchlight. What was never said during these reports was that what history actually knows about real druids is virtually nothing. This did not stop the enthusiasts of the 19th and 20th centuries from taking it very seriously.

The book is on sale now for the holidays, to help my family with the problems I discussed in my previous post. Even sharing this would be of great help to us.

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