14 March, 2012

Some Grot Things

It's been over a week since megasuperGMSunday, and I still haven't gotten up the promised and requested TPS Report. I will. Really.

Not right now though. Right now, it's another list of stuff about the Grot setting I'm working on. There's a label thing you can click on over there to see all of them so far.

  • Lord Vitus is the master of the isolated fortification known as The Morgus. He is a cambion who dances from foot to foot when he becomes excited or agitated. He has, however, no sense of humour. The pile of decomposing jesters can attest to that.
  • The most intelligent denizens of Grot would pale at the suggestion that The Gods actually exist, but none can deny the inexplicable and unpredictable appearances of the being known only as Mr. Scratch.
  • On the continent of Cenobus, in the Fortress of Necron, there still exist those who practice the ancient arcane art of Pupatic Vivification as detailed in the Simulacracon. The resulting Arcano-Automatons are not to be trifled with.
  • A great deal of the wilderness is overrun by briars. Most are animate, antagonistic, and filled with horrific faces.
  • The seas of Grot consist of a widely varying miasmic pus, the effluvia of unseen ulcerations below the surface. The hulls of boats are made of glazed brick or queer iridescent glass to prevent destruction by the corrosive fluids. Sailors learn quickly to stay away from the rail or be consumed by the often animate swells.


Scott said...

This is relevant to my interests.

migellito said...

Thanks :) It's about half the post I had planned. I got distracted. Possibly by a cat. I will post more like thoughts anon.