21 January, 2011

So When Do We Get To See The Grumpy Part?

It's been awhile, so I figured it was about time :)

Why are some so offended by members of the osr wanting to make a buck from what they do? I think that's a ridiculous and childish attitude. Some people give away some of their efforts for free, but to expect everyone to do so just because you don't think it's 'up to par' or because it means you don't get your free treat, or because they could have been doing something you find worthwhile instead of wasting their time on what they wanted to do is foolish.

News flash - the world is not your cookie.

"Why did they decide to charge for Palace of the Vampire Queen? And for Tsojconth too?! Man, what rampant avarice! And good money for little mimeograph sheets folded in half and stapled together?! You must be kidding, that's not even a real book!" - Bah! Humbug even! You speak with the tongue of a spoiled child. And he wants it back. Plus, you don't know where that thing's been.

We don't get to decide which songs Jimi Hendrix put on vinyl. We don't get to decide what George Lucas put on film. We don't get to decide what other people in the osr write. We don't get to decide what Justin Bieber sings.. and frankly, I think that's a much more dire situation right there. But I will always stand up and help make fun of those who think they should have some say in other peoples' creativity. Plus, dude, you really don't want to be that guy complaining about midichlorians on the internet. Seriously. :)

I love you guys! (offers his beer)


Greg Christopher said...

All my stuff is for free. I think other people should do the same, but I don't really complain about it.

I kind of laugh at it though, because the hobby is so small at this point that there is very little blood left in the turnip. So you are limiting the influence your work might have, while only getting peanuts in return.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't care if people want to charge for their products. I enjoy free stuff and all my stuff is free but who am I to judge if someone wants to make some beer money by selling their ideas?

ze bulette said...

Yep, I sure as hell don't care whether people want to turn a buck or two off of anything they do. We all gotta eat - no judgements here. Incidentally, Hendrix is still pressing vinyl? Yeah! In the spirit of this and Mike's latest post, I'm heading to the fridge for a beer to celebrate.

Trey said...

As someone who has down free stuff and is working on something I plan to charge for, I'd say the charging part isn't about trying to make a profit.

The visual artists in our community (and outside) have reasonable expectations to be compensated for their time and effort--even if they give "frend" ro at least "follow traveller" prices. If I want to put out a resonable nice looking product to the wordly--and I do--certain costs are incurred. Charging money helps me regroup at least some of those, hopefully.

Trey said...

Oops,that would be "done free stuff."