23 January, 2011

Tekumel 5

The walking dead man you defeated lies bound on the floor before you. Is the binding necessary? It's hard to know. He's clearly been dead for several days, yet he was silently threatening you only moments ago. His cold body is limp and completely motionless.

You look again at the long silvery staff.. bar? ..in your hands, and you realise that for many of the personalities within you, this is the first time in all their existence when they've held a metal object. Remembering the other room behind you, you rise, and with a wary glance back at the still unmoving body, turn the corner into what you can only conceive of as a sorcerer's laboratory.

On the crowded tables, high desks and shelves you see a dizzying array of obscure glassware, chlen-hide boxes, globes and shapes of brazen clockwork, and an omnipresent clutter of enigmatic objects, a few of which seem to whisper their purpose to as-yet unsurfaced identities within your mind. Among them, on a high table along one shadowy side of the room, you see a very large book, bound in dusty grey-white hide.. or skin.
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