03 March, 2012

More Nicodemus Things

More stuff about Anglia, the part of the world where Nicodemus Castle sits. Lurking. Like a toad in a hole.

  • Cathedrals in Freeport are enormous and Gothic. The biggest is dedicated to Odin, but has transepts devoted to Thor, Freya, Frigga, and others.
  • It is possible to find wizards who use learning and casting methods unlike your own.
  • The prevailing political system is a remnant of feudal nobility. There are Dukes and Barons, but not all of them own land. Those that do aren't necessarily in possession of serfs.
  • The largest town in the North is Cooperton-on-Wythern. It's on the Great North Road, several days travel north of Freeport.
  • Goblins often wear enormous hollowed pumpkins, with only their arms and legs sticking out.
  • Rumours out of the Northeast claim there is a secret monastery hidden away far into the mountains, dedicated to some ancient God. It is said the monks cut off a part of their bodies.
  • The dark blue and shadowy mountains are a place of mystery and trepidation. Few venture there by choice. Dwarves are rumoured to go about in the dim daylight there.
  • The theme for the elves, and their part of the forest, is Ralph Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis.
  • Travelling Priests and priestesses of Thor are often seen as respected counsels in villages. It would be highly irregular for such a cleric to hide their calling, even if inconvenient.
  • There are more cloudy days than clear days. Rain and snow are plentiful.
  • It's common for people to confuse hobbits with leprechauns.
  • The Northlands are rife with banditry and highwaymen.
  • Ruins of the Age of the Wizard Kings are a relatively common sight around the countryside. Rumours persist that 200 years past, Freeport was built on top of such ruins.
  • It is common knowledge that orcs and goblins worship various demons and devils. Orcs may, in fact, be named after one of them.


Amanda Heitler said...

Bizarrely this vanished from my blog list. So happy to have it back and with such a delicious post. I see goblins.

Matthew Miller said...

Ralph Vaughan Williams... Love it. All groups/areas should have their own theme music -- e.g. "the theme of the Goblins of Oophaa is Iannis Xenakis' Mycenae Alpha For Upic..." :-)

migellito said...

Thanks Amanda!

Thanks Matthew, and wow that Xenakis piece is craxy-go-nuts! It reminds me of some of the incidental music from 60s-70s Doctor Who. Cool!